If you’re bothering to read this, I hope it will furnish you with a positive distraction … maybe even inspire you. God knows I need something to take my mind off the dark news that has smothered me of late.

Given the recent crash in the stock market, my portfolio is hemorrhaging … and my rent is going up! There’s the ongoing drought, at least in central Texas, and green is fading to yellows and browns. To top it off, the gal I was flirting with at the grocery store brushed me off. What can we do when everything seems to be going the wrong way?!

Two things. First, realize that it is often only in the “seeming.” Second, we sometimes need to shift into more effective strategies. I’m not going to give you any financial or romantic advice – I’m woefully under qualified! Nor am I going to urge patience for the weather to turn. Instead, I believe we must become grounded in the greater reality that the world is clipping along rather nicely.

I’m healthy and I have family and friends who love me. I love them, too, and am grateful for their being in my life. I’m blessed with freedom, security, and mobility. I’ve got a car with a full tank of gas and food in the cupboard. I have more to do than time will allow. Life is full.

The best way to shift your attitude is to practice gratitude. It’s a cliche, but it happens to be true – for me, at least. So, today I’m committed to glorying in my own health, connecting with a couple of friends, enjoying my family, and staying focused on my craft.

I can feel the distractions falling away already.