I can’t remember where I heard this, but it’s a good question. While it reeks of New Age emotionalism, I’ll be damned if I didn’t pause and consider it. What grabbed me was that it forced me to shift out of my agitation and self-obsession. I loosened the grip on my petty fears.

My immediate response? Family, kids … friends. Pretty standard. But then what about material things? A full tank of gas. Blue jeans. Fresh brewed coffee. Hot showers. Mexican food. Sunny weather.

Music. Skyscrapers. Trees. Clouds. Damn, my list started expanding so fast that I couldn’t keep up. I started naming all kinds of things … high-count cotton sheets, illustrated books, symphonies, fire engines, anaesthesia, smartphones, grocery stores, suspension bridges … frisbees.

I got so caught up in the creative ideas that went into these things that I forgot what had been bothering me. That’s why this is a good question. What are you grateful for?