In order to keep myself refreshed and in the hunt for new ideas, I’m constantly reading. Sometimes I get so locked in to my own patterns, I need other perspectives to remind me that there are other ways to see … and to be. It feels dark when I forget how to tap into my own creative flow.

I recently reached for a novel by a local author, and I was distressed to see how poorly it was written. It triggered a momentary boost to my self esteem, comparing my style and abilities to his, but this was short lived, for it was inauthentic. My self-esteem can only emerge from my own self-disclosure and growth.

So, to keep myself sharpened, I plunged into several non-fiction books that called to me. The Creature From Jekyll Island, a critical analysis of the Federal Reserve Bank, woke me up to some of the systemic flaws in our entire financial platform. The Sixth Extinction, about the dark future that we humans are creating for ourselves, sobered me even more. Damn, I needed something a little more optimistic to balance these two. I turned to The Tao of Physics and The Untethered Soul.

Ahhh … hope!