I’m rarely at a loss for words, but that’s where I find myself lately. I place a premium on truth and passion … but sometimes these fail me. I try too hard.

As this website goes on line, hopefully in synch with the publishing of my first novel, I must switch gears and try to do several things at once … among them marketing myself and composing new material. By the way, I’m not known for my multi-tasking ability. I’m one of those people who has to have everything in order if I’m to summon the next story lines and cast of characters. The upside is that, when I finally engage, I’m pretty focused. It’s all about balance.

I try my best to stay relevant and write about what’s going on, but I also try to make sure that my themes touch on timeless issues and principles. That’s a challenge because I’ve been accused of being too abstract – not living in the real world. Sometimes all I can do is acknowledge that and move on, and that reminds me to let go and accept that, ultimately, I write for my own fulfillment. That and the enjoyment of my readers!